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RED1 - Incident Responders

RED1 - Incident Responders

RED1 is a staple part of incident response training aimed at the majority of your staff, who could ultimately be some of the first to respond to an incident but who may have little subsequent responsibility.

This incident response training course covers first response incident management for business as usual and terror-related threats. This course teaches floor staff how to respond safely, accurately and quickly to a range of scenarios. We will teach you techniques which are proven and can save lives.

RED1 Crisis Management Training

In this incident response training for employees your staff will experience all aspects of incident response as the entire site team is drilled using site-specific incidents.

Your site management plan will be fully tested and strengths and weaknesses will be identified and reviewed with suggestions for improvement. You and your team will leave the session with your crisis management plan as strong and as comprehensive as possible.

We will review individual roles making recommendations to the delegates where improvements are required. As delegates learn about their own roles and responsibilities when dealing with a major incident, they will also learn about the importance of all team members playing an active part and identify those key roles they need to be aware of.

Learning Outcomes/Course Outline

  • Your entire site team is drilled using site specific incident(s).
  • Skills/experiences are shared and cross-departmental learning is encouraged.
  • The quality of response is assessed and recommendations made to the responsible persons where improvements are required.
  • Personal responsibilities are identified and developed.
  • Delegates will learn that all team members play an active part, and key roles are identified.


  • Delegates will be much better prepared to respond to an incident through familiarity with procedures.
  • Your site incident management plan is tested to the full.
  • The course is led by hugely experienced Services Personnel from a number of relevant industry sectors.
  • Delegates experience all apects of incident response.
  • Strengths are identified and weaknesses are reviewed and remedied.
  • Real world, rather than theoretical, tests are used.

Course Details

  • Duration: One full day
  • Location: At your site
  • What’s included? Receive a certificate on completion, take away and keep training materials with your branding, and get tools to deal with any major incident.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Importance of Incident Response Training for Organisations?

Incident response training is crucial for organisations as it equips employees with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and mitigate the impact of security incidents.

Training enhances the organisation’s ability to identify, contain, solve and recover from incidents promptly, minimising potential damage and downtime. Additionally, a well-trained incident response team contributes to a proactive security posture, reducing the likelihood of future incidents.

Can Incident Response Training Be Customised to Fit the Specific Needs of Our Business?

Yes, when we conduct incident response training we understand that the unique requirements of every business is different. For that reason we will help you understand how you apply the training to your business and the potential situations that can arise and the likelihood of such for your business industry.

Tailoring the training allows for the inclusion of industry-specific scenarios. This helps participants to not only grasp the general principles of incident response but also learn how to apply them in the context of their organisation.

How Often Should My Employees Undergo Incident Response Training?

The frequency of incident response training for employees depends on various factors, including industry regulations and organisational changes.

As a general guideline, it is recommended to conduct incident response training at least annually. However, more frequent training may be necessary in rapidly changing environments or for organisations with high-security risks.

If you’re wondering how often you should opt for an incident response training course refresh, get in touch with us so we can help.

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RED2 – Incident Support Team

RED2 is designed for staff who will form support roles to the individual commanding an incident to ensure that information is tracked successfully and that decisions are recorded to a standard that will withstand scrutiny post event. Working with Kiasu tracking and recording systems, staff will develop the skills and understanding they need to ensure corporate reputation is secured and become invaluable aides to any Incident Commander.

RED3 – Building Manager

The RED3 Building Manager programme has been designed for managers who oversee single or multiple buildings. This course looks at the fundamentals of preparedness through effective planning and develops the skills to manage and recover from incidents on site or from a remote perspective.

RED3 – Incident Commander

The RED3 Incident Commander programme is aimed at your Incident Commander(s).

They’re reponsible for motivating the rest of your team during an incident, making sure everyone is putting their skills to use effectively, and for managing resources at a local level.

RED4 – Incident Leader

RED4 is aimed at your Incident Leader. It’s the Leader’s responsibility to ensure your Incident Commander is experienced, can handle the pressure effectively and has the knowledge and the skills to put your plans into action.

Your Leader will give direction to the Incident Commander as and when required, and will liaise continuously between your Commander and your Incident Director.

RED5 – Incident Director

RED5 is aimed at your Incident Director, who will ultimately be responsible for taking a top level, strategic view of the incident.

Occasionally, your Incident Director will play a hands on role, but generally will only become involved in the fine-grained details if there are serious and wide ranging political, financial or reputation-based consequences.