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Choosing the Perfect Crisis Management Team

Choosing the Perfect Crisis Management Team

Having the right crisis management team in place is vital. It can be the difference between your business recovering quickly and getting back on track or causing your business more problems than are necessary. Clearly, you want the former rather than the latter, so continue reading to find out more about building the best possible crisis management team.

The Importance of Having the Right Crisis Management Team

When something needs to be dealt with inside your business, you want to get the right people on the case straight away. This will be your crisis management team. For you to feel confident enough to rely on them in the worst possible situations, you need to believe in their skill and abilities.

Roles That Need to be Covered

Damage Assessment

First of all, you need to have someone who’s going to be capable of assessing things calmly and judging the damage that’s been done. Damage assessment is where the process of putting things right begins.

Risk Management

When taking risks with your business, you need to ensure they’re mitigated correctly and you’re prepared for them. That’s why it’s so important to have a risk management expert on your team so you’re not left in a vulnerable position.

Legal Expertise

There are plenty of legal issues you’ll have to confront when trying to pull your business out of trouble. You don’t want to fall foul of the law and land yourself and your business in even more trouble.


Communicating with the world is vital for any business. It’s particularly important when you’re trying to shape PR, deal with the media in a crisis, and win over customers. Ensure you have the people who are able to make this happen.

Financial Management

Ensuring everything stays safe and balanced from a financial point of view is obviously key. A business can’t be rescued and improved if its finances are messy and incomplete. Have an accountant or financial management expert on hand to keep on top of these things.

The Qualities to Look for When Building Your Crisis Management Team

A Calm, Level-Headed Approach

In a crisis management scenario, everyone needs to be focused on the tasks at hand and dealing with them in a calm, concise way. This level-headed approach is the only one that can truly work so ensure you have this quality in your team.

Communication Skills

Communicating well with the outside world is important but it’s just as vital that people are able to communicate ideas clearly and easily in the pffice between the team too, so keep that in mind when putting your crisis management team together.

A Can-Do Attitude

The right attitude can go along way in your crisis management. A positive, can-do attitude will always have more of a positive impact than a less proactive one. This is the kind of attitude you should be looking for as you hire people to your crisis team.


Finally, there needs to be enough leadership inside your team. If people are not being led properly and they don’t feel that anyone else is providing that leadership structure, it can damage the work that gets done and hinder the outcomes achieved.

We hope that you have found this article useful and have a better idea on how to build an effective crisis management team. Follow the guide outlined above and you’ll have a strong, well-rounded crisis team to give you the best possible chance should the worst happen. If you need more in-depth training and adivce, check out our crisis management training course and contact us for more information.